This notice is to inform you that Canamere has been acquired by an Australian based company (that Tiaan Swart, the founder of Canamere, is involved with) called Nano Nutrients. The change over commenced from 1 March 2022. 


1. Please note that Raw Hemp and Meduca will be available from Nano Nutrients ( The product specs and price has not changed, only the label and the company selling it.

2. Permanent specials are available on Nano Nutrients' website on all the CBD oils if you purchase by recurring order, get less 10% on any Raw Hemp simply by choosing a recurring payment option for auto-shipment (which can be cancelled at any time).

3. The Aruca capsule product will only be available to order via email, not via the website.  

Please direct all orders to the Nano Nutrients website or email with any questions. 

We thank you for your continued support!