About Canamere 

At Canamere™ we believe that if we keep doing things the way they have always been done, the outcomes will never change.

Therefore we believe in challenging the wellness industry by creating products never seen before, achieving what has never been done before and leading the market out of the dark ages into a new frontier. Our focus is on endocannabinoid & whole body wellness as a foundational approach, committed to improve the life our customers are able to live.

We believe in doing things differently through our commitment to vibrant living - we make life changing products you can feel & see working. 

Affiliate Community & Values

Our products only sell through affiliates and not through retail shops, and our mission is to change the world, not to conform to it. We believe in leading people out of suffering and slavery, from their health and/or environment or situation into a position of freedom and growth. We believe in promoting family values and that extra freedom can strengthen the family. If you believe that success comes to those who grow and you like to work hard, have fun, help people and make new friends, then you will thrive in our affiliate team. Working hard means working smart with what you have, whether you join us part time or full time. Join our family & learn how to change people’s lives with our platform & training to make difference to what you care about most.

Leadership & Training

Canamere is lead by Tiaan Swart, a father, husband to his wife Carla, and is a survivor of chronic illnesses and a terminal disease, and he has a passion to help those that are suffering and that want a better life – as he had to fight for his. Tiaan provides education to people who want to transition their lifestyles into a practical, easy to follow way by gladly sharing what he learnt through his own life threatening challenges. 

He is whole-heartedly dedicated to working with individuals in order to help their development & aid Canamere’s community development. Behind Tiaan's passion to help others, lies his multi-industry experience in startup companies, marketing & strategy, specialised training & education, small business consultation, skills development & implementation and affiliate business models. 

He and co-trainers will teach you how to find customers, where to find customers & who are your best customers (the ones whose lives you can actually change). Tiaan believes that these answers differ from person to person depending on your background and life passion & calling. Extensive resources are dedicated to training individuals and not presenting a cookie cutter approach to help everyone - but don't mistake this method to not have a framework and structure, as this is exactly what makes any training effective. 


Canamere’s quality & product technology is matched with GMP grade manufacturing. We are involved in sourcing the purest natural ingredients and our products are 100% non toxic and super nutritious. 

With meticulous research and an unquenchable desire to create products that can lead the market, we provide a value to our customers that will make the majority of the wellness industry look like they are operating in the dark ages.  

See our Safety, Purity & Quality page to read more.

Our unique botanical juice & wellness supplements are not medicines or drugs. They are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. They are not addictive and have no synthetic substances in them, and produced within the legal and regulatory framework that governs wellness products.

L E T ' S   G E T   S O C I A L 

We are a social company and would love to get to know you more. 

We invite you to use the links below to get in touch!