About Canamere 

At Canamere we believe in challenging the industry through innovation. Our mission is to change the world into a better place by making health products that are pure, powerful & 100% plant-based. Canamere was created to be a platform to help people through education and tools that can give hope, strength and resilience to those who need it. 

Leadership & Vision

Canamere was founded by Tiaan Swart, whom established Canamere in 2016 after surviving a potentially terminal health scare in 2014 in a most unconventional way it is now even more my mission to help others with the hope and resilience I discovered in my fight. He believes by following a 100% plant-based & lifestyle-based strategy.

Tiaan has worked in the health supplement industry for over a decade, working very closely with international laboratories, medical & food scientists/researchers, and formulation experts that specialise in the pharmaceutical design of natural medicines and products. 

He believes in nutritional technologies being key to enable your body to flourish in a modern world and he is excited to share his insights on lifestyle & nutritional strategies that he gained from his experience.

Scientific & Educational Adviser

Dr Carel Bredell (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) has in his 35yrs of medical practice built up experience in Integrative Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Herbal and Homotoxicology therapies, and some alternative methods such as the use of magnetic field and low intensity laser devices. He specifically enjoys functional medicine as it always focuses on finding the underlying ‘Why’ of a condition rather than just treating its symptoms. 

Dr Bredell is an advisor as well as a member of Canamere’s Scientific Board. As a cyclist and health activist, his focus is on educating people how to empower their bodies to optimise its own innate healing and sports performance capabilities in new and exciting ways.

As a result of his compassion with people who suffer, he made an observation that many of his patients that visited him for sick-care consultation could, in his opinion, have avoided landing up in front of him if they new how to address their lifestyle. He came to believe that if patients were stronger and healthier when they contracted disease, that their ability to recover or maintain their health could have been exponentially improved.


Canamere’s quality & product technology is matched with GMP grade manufacturing. We are involved in sourcing the purest natural ingredients and our products are 100% non toxic and super nutritious. 

With meticulous research and an unquenchable desire to create products that can lead the market, we provide a value to our customers that will make the majority of the wellness industry look like they are operating in the dark ages.  

See our Safety, Purity & Quality page to read more.

Affiliate Community & Values

Our products only sell through affiliates and not through retail shops, and our mission is to change the world, not to conform to it. We believe in leading people out of suffering and slavery, from their health and/or environment or situation into a position of freedom and growth. We believe in promoting family values and that extra freedom can strengthen the family. If you believe that success comes to those who grow and you like to work hard, have fun, help people and make new friends, then you will thrive in our affiliate team. Working hard means working smart with what you have, whether you join us part time or full time. Join our family & learn how to change people’s lives with our platform & training to make difference to what you care about most.

Our unique botanical juice & wellness supplements are not medicines or drugs. They are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. They are not addictive and have no synthetic substances in them, and produced within the legal and regulatory framework that governs wellness products.

L E T ' S   G E T   S O C I A L 

We are a social company and would love to get to know you more. 

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