Canamere™ supplements CANNOT cause intoxication, or make you high, as it is non-psychoactive. Its naturally occurring cannabinoids are from different plants in the plant kingdom and none of them can cause problems for your coordination or lead to addiction. Our Endocannabinoid Support Supplements are produced within the legal parameters and regulations that govern our industry which is the health supplement market and the botanical juice market. Its intended to be a superior nutritional add-ons to our customers whom we try to teach to live a more balanced healthy lifestyle so that their body's own abilities to remain well and full of energy are taken care of.

Some of our products contain Hemp, a specific genetic family member of the Cannabis Sativa plant and is not the same as its sister plant - marijuana. The plants used in our formulations are legally in their country of origin to produce the highest amount of naturally occurring, non-psychoactive, cannabinoids and other precious nutrients that act both as co-factors and major role players in and of themselves to affect our general health and wellbeing in a positive way.

Canamere™ Products Are Non-Psychoactive & not Addictive

You CANNOT get ‘high’, intoxicated or addicted to any Canamere™ products. 

Our products are strictly non-psychoactive and non toxic - thus it cannot get you in trouble with South African law by using or possessing it, and it wont get you in trouble with drug tests either. 

External Research

Internationally, experts report although 'more vigorous' testing is required, pre-clinical research (including both cell culture and animal models) has shown cannabinoids to have a potential range of effects that may be useful therapeutically. Human trials done so far have been limited, but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence & medical research so far indicating that we might finally have found a non-toxic plant based way of helping people support their bodies in a most significant way, as long as the cannabinoids that are ingestested are not psychoactive; which means to avoid THC and to rather focus on consuming hemp, a non-psychoactive genetic strain of cannabis most often used as an industrial crop for food or textiles, with a dominance of CBD. New research is also showing that cannabinoids can be found in other food sources too, so one is not restricted to only cannabis if you wish to ingest cannabinoids safely and avoid any unwanted effects associated with cannabis. 

DISCLAIMER: Canamere neither agrees nor disagrees, and does not support, endorse or substantiate any claims or indications made in these external references. We only provide it here for educational purposes for those that are interested in learning more. We invite you to do your own research remembering that Canamere's product is not a drug & is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. We strictly wish to provide the public a support supplement for everyday wellbeing.

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